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We supply and fit all major makes of vehicle and motorbike tyre, including those from tyre giants Dunlop and Michelin and also Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, and Firestone, all first choice tyres for high specification worldwide tyre requirements. We also stock tyres from BF Goodrich, Yokohama, Hankook, Avon, Uniroyal, and Toyo.

If your vehicle or motorbike uses tyres then we can source them, supply them and fit them. K8 Aberdeen Tyres offers the right Aberdeen tyre service for you and your vehicle or motorbike

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All about tyres

The pneumatic tyre has been with us for 120 years and still serves the purpose it always did, to give a smooth and safe ride. First made by Dunlop, significant changes since the early tyres include the radial design, offering a much better grip and the tubeless tyre, introduced by Dunlop in 1972 and still in use today.

To say that the tyres on your vehicle are important may seem obvious, but in more ways than you could probably imagine. There is of course the tread wear and impact on safety. Tyre condition and tread is tested during the annual MOT, applicable when a car is over three years old.

The minimum tread required for an MOT pass and generally safety concerns is at least 1.6mm, over the width of the tyre tread and all round the circumference of the tyre.

You should however check your tyres regularly and not just wait on the MOT. Even if the tread wear on your tyres meets the required safety standard, tyres can also be damaged on the walls, mostly due to kerb damage or driving on uneven or loose road surfaces.

Cracking and pitting can also occur if a tyre is left unused over a period of time. At Aberdeen Tyres we will check the overall condition of your tyres for free and give the necessary advice you need on replacement tyres if they are required.

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